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MidFirst Bank is privately held financial institution based in Oklahoma City. Its primary markets include Oklahoma City, Tulsa, western Oklahoma, Denver, Phoenix and Dallas, with commercial lending offices in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Houston, New York City, St. Louis and Southern California. MidFirst Bank also has full-service banking centers in Boulder and Edwards, Colorado. MidFirst Bank offers personal, commercial, trust, private banking and mortgage banking products and services. Additionally, the bank operates 1st Century Bank of Los Angeles as a division of MidFirst Bank and MidFirst Business Credit of Atlanta as a subsidiary of MidFirst Bank.


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Former Employee - Lending Assistant says

"Culture was not how it was represented to be."

Former Employee - Personal Banker says

"poor management, hard core sales tactics."

Current Employee - Bank Teller says

"In response to this statement, we take these matters very seriously and as such, would encourage any employee to contact the Human Resources department to report concerns."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Where to start... 1. They have no training whatsoever. They just throw you to the wolves and all you can do is sink or swim with little direction. 2. Management has no idea what they are doing about most items on their agenda, and rely on everyone else to carry them. 3. They will fire you without warning, without giving any chances. 4. Time off is a joke. I was a good employee that performed well and even came in on some weekends to work, but they fired me without warning for something that I absolutely could not control..."

Former Employee - Business Banker says

"Technology seriously outdated. Tasks that should be automated had to be done by hand. No empathy or understanding for chronic health issues. Discrimination based on illness when applied for positions I was overly qualified."

Former Employee - Computer Programmer says

"You can learn nothing of value here since everything is an anti-pattern. If you are a Sr. developer you will be frustrated by the lack of desire to do things correctly. Your skills will slowly decay as they won't be used. If you are a Jr. dev you will learn how to do things poorly and lean to use old technologies that are not used in most places. The development environment is clumsy and fragile. You will spin your wheels a lot while being told how time sensitive everything is. NOTE: if you are reading this understand this is not from a bitter employee. i am just trying to help other developers in the OKC community."

Current Employee - Banking Center Manager says

"This review is specific to the Phoenix market. A couple of years ago the Phoenix market started to be managed by Oklahoma leadership (Stephen Ellis). This is where the entire culture that had been built at MidFirst in Phoenix started to deteriorate rapidly. Previous leadership drove results but treated people with dignity and respect. They created a collaborative culture where the best ideas surfaced and helped to contribute to the greater good. When Stephen Ellis took over he tried to make it appear that he cared what employees in Phoenix had to say but over time he started to show his true colors. He instilled a fear-based culture and seemed to only value "yes" men and women who did not challenge his authority. He bashed the previous regime (they are still with the company) who was well respected in public forums such as manager meetings. He is a very smart man but would be best suited to managing projects and not people. He comes across as pompous, arrogant and unapproachable. He had the audacity to allow his bank balance to be heard on speaker phone at a Regional meeting because he was trying to prove a point to someone who surfaced a question about customers in trying to retrieve his or her balance. Another time in a meeting, Stephen threw a candy bar as hard as he could that narrowly missed an employees head in a stunt that he later described was a joke. The employee didn't take it that way and could have been seriously hurt had the flying projectile hit the employee. Stephen single handedly ran off two well respected Regional Managers who had a combined total of 18 years of experience with the bank within a two month span. From everything I've heard, there is more wholesale turnover brewing as most Phoenix based employees have voiced just how unhappy they are. All of this is ashame because this had been a great company to work for before this one person came in and tainted the entire culture that had been built in the Phoenix market."

Former Employee - Teller II says

"If you're a teller you start at $11 an hour. Not only are you doing your own work, but you can expect to be doing everyone else's work as well. You're overworked and underpaid. Tellers are the only ones that are unworthy of seats, so you're standing on your feet for sometimes 10+ hours a day. Referral expectations are ridiculous and tellers steal referrals from one another to meet goals. Basically, all the work you put in is nowhere near worth the $11 an hour."

Former Employee - Analyst says

"Way too much micromanagement at all levels."

Teller says

"It's hard to sleep at night knowing how badly you are screwed your customers over. Overdraft fees are distcusstingly high. A guy was over drawn .15 cents we charged him over $70 in 3 days because of it. You get to see hard working people cry because you took the last money they had"

Online Personal Banker (Former Employee) says

"Don't work for these people!! They are rude & don't want to help you. They make you feel stupid if you ask questions. Even their Customers don't like them for the most part.NoneEverything"

Personal Banker (Former Employee) says

"The overall experience was poor. The branch I worked in did not have a manager and there was theft going on in the branch. I was shocked at how much they did not care."

Online Personal Banker (Former Employee) says

"You better learn SUPER fast & type fast & be able to navigate multiple screens at once without any help!!! If you need help, by the time you get it, you have a VERY angry customer yelling at you."

Personal Banker I (Current Employee) says

"This place does not keep it's work nor take care of their employees. The management is very bad and hypocricitcal you not trust what they say. low pay and VERY over work not worth it AT ALL!!!Poor pay, management over workgood benefits"

Loan Processor (Former Employee) says

"my time spent at midfirst bank was very short, I only worked there for a short while and while I was there I enjoyed it, but it was a temp job so I had no benefits or anything.nothingnothingh"

Trust Analyst (Former Employee) says

"When data can use SQL with VBA to program Excel with automation, they prefer manual typing. The pay is low, not for programmers. The schedule is always behind. The motivation is clerks working harder and without breaks. They look for accounting with database instead of database and programming to automate routine accounting tasks.Checks clearOld fashioned management"

Senior Accounting Clerk (Former Employee) says

"Working at this place was working in corporate He11. My immediate supervisors were fine, but upper management and the CEOs created a work culture of paranoia, workaholism, and mistrust. The compensation was terrible. At one point they even tried to take away people being able to listen to music at their desks. This company hated fun. I would definitely not recommend working at Midland to anyone. This applies to both the bank and the mortgage company, as I worked at both.Small holiday bonusesToo many to list"

Customer Service Representative/Mortgage Servicing (Former Employee) says

"There are no pros to the customer service representative position for mortgage servicing in this company. MidFirst itself is a great company. I still bank there. However, technology is from the Stone Age and training is a bad joke. We were trained with computer SCREENSHOTS as there were no live computers to train on. Training consisted of about 9 days total with reading all these paper training manuals in a classroom round-robin style. No introduction to mortgage servicing or anything. Supervision was ridiculous with all these floor walkers who had only been there for a month or two longer than others. Just totally ridiculous! Every day was just one big chaotic mess. I'm pretty sure I'd rather car-hop at Sonic than to go back to work there.nonetraining (or lack thereof), ineffective micromanagement"

Financial Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Worst place I ever worked. By far the worst managers I ever had. They do not train nor care about you as a person. Would never recommend anyone work here. For your own mental health.NothingEverything"

Tellrt (Former Employee) says

"Management and co-workers are not welcoming. However I did learn how to build better relationships with clientele."

Analyst (Former Employee) says

"I was a great employee. I really was, I was always willing to learn and even researching outside of work to learn how to be better at my job, but they fired me. They fired me without warning or anything for something out of my control! I have a family to support and they fired me. I have never been fired before now, and now we have no options. They do not care about their employees, have 0 training, and expect you to sink or swim. Do NOT work here if you want a secure job and a future!!Very few, but pay is decentBad management, poor training if any, zero direction, no leniency"

Teller III (Former Employee) says

"MidFirst is a very sales oriented job. The hours were nice, but like I said ridiculous sales goals. Management at MidFirst bank was not very good at all."

Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"Management is terrible, nobody is happy, pay is good but not worth the frustration of the job. A typical day was filled with chaos and insanity."


"I really was excited at about working at this position. However, the role is completely difficult since daily it was changed, hours were switched, and, you would be asked to manage but not given that ability. The most difficult the vendor within the security created a hostile environment and nothing was done. Expect to have extra workload and no compensation there is room promotion here if you provide exceptional work history. When HR tells you this is hard to fill position what this is meaning is that you will be overworked, stress, blamed for everything, and underpaid, RETHINK!!!! Also, it is imperative to rethink if you have a disability before excepting this position. In the beginning, it will be accepted, but later this position will be required to make changes for other employees because it is unaccepted for them."

Compliance Data Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Each day consisted of utilized many applications to analyze data. My immediate supervisor taught me a lot when it comes to problem solving. Learned how to approach and analyze data from multiple angles. The culture was inconsistent. I enjoyed a number of the people I worked closely with, but then had trouble interacting with upper management. The hardest part of the job was the high levels of stress and the ridiculous hours. The most enjoyable part of the job was project completion."

Employee (Current Employee) says

"This is not a place for experienced, professional adults. The atmosphere and culture are childish and immature. Most departments are headed by millennials that don't have a clue about life in the real world. They do not understand how their decisions effect the lives of others. Would not recommend this company to my worst enemy."

Teller Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"If they don't like you even if you are a hard worker they will make up lies to get you fired. Complaining to H.R. doesn't help. Managers are very lazy, watch tv on their phones and turn around and tell you to do there jobs because they are behind. I'm old school meaning I judge people base off their work ethic. If you notice they are always on indeed looking for worker because when they get them they abuse them until they are force to look for another job. Worse situation for any honest person that's looking for equel opportunity.Customers are very nice once they get to know you.They don't care about their employees"

Servicing Associate (Former Employee) says

"First of all. You have to be there by 8:30 and not even a minute later. You leave when the work is finish. Which is typically about 6:30-7 pm always. The work load is the amount of at least a 20 employee team. You will be monitored by a computer system for your productivity and if you don't have a 100% then you will not be eligible for a raise. They don't care about your personal life including births, death or illness. Its a very stressful environment. I came in the highest paid starting as a cashier I and I only made $11.50. This is a very tedious, hard thinking job. You'll be dealing with mortgage foreclosure, bankruptcy, loss mitigation and other intense mortgage procedures. Management has all left and there are only two people in the department that actually know what they are doing. All experienced employees have either left or transferred out if the department. My advice is to not apply for this particular position. The upside is that you do get a $250 Christmas bonus every year. There is a deli in the building that you can swipe your badge and get the expenses took from your check including breakfast and lunch. Free water and coffee in break room"

Sr. Teller Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"worked on teller line cashing checks depositing opening accounts helping customers hardest part of my job was trying to be promoted for several years and there was always an excuse the most enjoyable part was being around good customershad a joblack of lidership"

Personal Banker (Former Employee) says

"When I first started at this company as a Personal Banker I thought that it was a good company to work for. I was wrong. I wasn't trained for the full 5 weeks and was placed on the phone after my second week of there. I was trained by someone who was only there for a month and there wasn't any supervisor there at night. The managers played favoritism and half the mangers didn't know what they were doing. They will write you up for things that you weren't trained on and will put you on a final warning. This place has a high turn over and I see why now."

Soon to be former account holder says

"Midfirst constantly hides behind phrase \"We are conservative\" as an excuse for poor customer service and notoriously bad tech team."